Season starting 2019

it is not long now until the outdoor throwing season will start, it has been a hard 6months of solid training, but it is now time for re-write the session plans and prepare for the main season, so that means a lot more time to recover during events for our athletes, as well and allowing myself more time to make sure that I am physically ready for the season.

Personally I feel that my strength and conditioning is where it should be, but I do feel that I have not done enough throwing and do not feel like my technique has improved, this will be something that will eventually happen but just a lot later that expected, but I know that I will enjoy this season because for the last 2 seasons I’ve struggled a lot, physically and mentally, is no fun at all watching people compete and train in the sport that you hold so close to your heart. but again it is my time to get back out that and reclaim my titles.

many people have told me I spend to much time working on others and I should be concentrating on myself, and while I take onboard what they are saying, I know 1st hand what it is like not to have a coach, not to have someone to ask and look for advice, and I just cant allow that to happen, it was defiantly not a nice situation to be in and I don’t want anyone to go through the same situation I did.

That said I was coached in a way that I could affectively coach myself and have proved this to be true, and I see that with my coaching, I have taught my throwers the same thing, so they can inspire and help other throwers in the future, it is all about passing on knowledge and creating new and upcoming throwers. this does not mean I at all expect my current throwers to coach, because that is not the case at all, the good thing about being taught to coach yourself is knowing how to improve your throw during the competitions. something that not many throwers can do, this way you do not always need your coach telling you something every single moment. it helps to develop yourself as an athlete.

so for the upcoming season, my athletes are extremely close to being ready, the first competition on the season is always a scary one, like in any sport but I have full confidence that my throwers will shine, the season is defiantly going to be a good one and I really cant wait for this to kick off, Ben is looking for some big distances, and I honestly see him going international this year, Phoebe will be going to English schools this year, Kian will be hopefully going to English school and will achieve a massive new personal best, and for myself my goal is to enjoy myself after so long out of the sport and to hopefully get my personal best again, something that will really make my day.

Overall I cant wait for the season to start its going to be fun to get going again.

Thing are picking up – April 2019

So it has been a while since my last entry, but it is now April 2019 and I though it is time for another chat.

So far the season for myself and Cheryl (Mum) has gone according to plan, we have developed as coaches and our athletes have developed tremendously, It has been such an amazing thing to be part of.

The Start of the season saw Harry booker open the season in this discus with a throw of 37m, Oliver ford opened with 33m in the javelin and Sophie opened the discus season with a new personal best of 31m. Phoebe opened with 40m with the senior women’s javelin (600g) and 42m with the (500g) Kian opened his season with a throw of 33m with the (600g) javelin, after struggling with the previous season.

Ben opened his season with a throw of 66m with the (700g) and then followed up with a 69m throw the following competition.

Fast forward to now, They have there next competition tomorrow at Basingstoke, and I am looking forward to hearing what they all get in there competitions.

After training for a solid 2 weeks between comps, we have worked hard to solve a few issues and create some new shapes, Ben is working on some interesting positions that will help create more speed and power into his throws. phoebe and Kian have been working on a lot of point control drills along with creating more speed into there throws,again we are always working on new ways to improve our throwing styles.

Since 2 weeks ago we have had 2 new throwers join the club from another club, Liam and Keira, both amazing throwers and a very good addition to the squad, there is lots of work that needs to be done, but we will work together to get through it.

Overall the season has been going extremely well so far and I honestly cant wait to see how it turns out!